The area is served by a variety of key transportation facilities, including Kansai International Airport, Osaka International Airport, the Tokaido Shinkansen (bullet train) Line, Meishin Expressway, Chugoku Expressway, and Second Meishin Expressway(projected under way).
 The park is close to several main highways, including the National Route 171, which runs between Kyoto and Kobe, and the National Route 423, which runs directly to central Osaka, and the Kinki Expressway. The area is also well served by a network of railways with access to the JR Kyoto Line, the Hankyu Railway Kyoto and Senri lines, the Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway, and the Osaka Monorail Saito<International Culture Park> Line.

 The main transportation system within Saito(International Culture Park) itself is the monorail, which runs a total of 9km from the park's East Center (tentative name) to Bampaku- kinen-koen (Expo'70 Commemoration Park). The monorail also provides easy access, via Senri-chuo, to downtown Osaka and all other points served by the region's extensive transportation network. In March 2007, Osaka Monorail Saito Line from Handai-byoin-mae to Saito-nishi opened.