Nickname "Saito" and symbol

 The new International Culture Park will also be known by the nickname "Saito," which combines the Japanese characters for colorful and capital. This name was chosen from a huge number of suggestions because it points to the park's rich greenery and diverse functions that include international exchange, academic and cultural study, and research and development. The new community lives up to the upbeat, progressive and cheery feeling embodies by the name. It is our hope that the nickname "Saito" -like the park itself -will become familiar to and popular with many people.

 The motif of the emblem is "Utopia." The three characters depicted, who are full of joy and heading toward the future, symbolize "the coexistence of man and nature," "cultural exchange with the people of the world," and "endless urban growth." The emblem's color symbolizes "the color of a giant tree extending into the future." It indicates our goal of creating a greenery-rich culture park in harmony with its natural environment.