NOBUAKI KUMAGAI Honorary Professor,Osaka University
NOBUAKI KUMAGAI    Honorary Professor,Osaka University

 To earn the world community's full respect, Japan must make a greater contribution in international academic and cultural circles. The Kansai region has the potential to become a world center of excellence in the academic and cultural fields, and the new International Culture Park in particular is a promising site for new gains in intellectual fields.
 I hope the new park attracts outstanding students, researchers and artists from all over the world, and that it earns international recognition as a place where intellectual and cultural unique activities flourish.

SHIGERU ITO Professor,Waseda University

SHIGERU ITO    Professor,Waseda University

 Postwar community development in Japan, the United States and across Europe has mainly stressed practicality and function.  The concept of planned communities that blend with their surroundings was not well understood.
Similarly, the idea of developing attractive, graceful communities for the upcoming century and beyond was seldom considered.  Today, we need communities where visionary new lifestyles can become a reality.  I believe the International Culture Park, with its excellent location, is the first project to seriously take on the challenge of creating such a community.
 As development continues, the area will become more culturally vibrant and energized.  I see this new park as a bold new model for community development in the future.

TADAO UMESAO Special Advisor,National Museum of Ethnology
Creating a truly international zone
TADAO UMESAO     Special Advisor,National Museum of Ethnology

 Osaka is still lacks the organizations, facilities and functions required to promote full-scale internationalization. While it's fine to have large theaters and city museums in the city's center, the International Culture Park is the place for academic research facilities, conference halls, and other facilities needed to promote international exchange.
 If one of the project's goals is to promote true internationalization, the planners must consider providing housing, food facilities and other amenities that meet the needs of residents and guests from abroad.
The International Culture Park project is making good progress, with carefully conceived community development plans aimed at transforming Osaka into a world-class metropolis. I have high hopes that, in terms of creating a truly international zone, the new park will be an enormous success.