Saito Life Science Park (Saito LSP) is the most active Bio Cluster in Japan aiming at research and development in the biomedical field. It was born in April, 2004 on a greenery-rich hill about 18km away from Osaka central area.

  Saito LSP aims to become the hub of the Northern Osaka Bio Cluster. Many pharmaceutical firms have traditionally concentrated in Osaka Dosho-machi area and a number of bio-medical research institutes including Osaka University are located in the surrounding of Saito LSP. This concentration bestows a unique advantage on Osaka. Saito LSP plans to promote research activity with this advantage and to activate this area through industry-university cooperation.

2012-1-20 (Friday)
The Senri Life Science Seminar; "Cutting-edge of Autophagy Study"

2011-9-1 (Thursday)∼ 2 (Friday)
MEI-Center Symposium "Symposium 2011 on Antisense, Gene, and Delivery "

2011-4-20 (Wednesday)
The 62th MTR Seminar " Immune response regulation with regulatory T cell " by Shimon Sakaguchi (PhD, WPI Osaka University, IFReC, Experimental Immunology)

2011-1-21 (Friday)
The Senri Life Science Seminar; "The tissue construction with the polarity-control-mediated cells, and the disease state by its abnormality"

The Senri Life Science Seminar; "A New Life Image Being Clarified by The Next Generation's Sequencer" -Toward understanding of the life at a molecular level-

2010-9-17 (Friday) to 9-18
IPR Seminar: Disorder and Protein Science in Membrane Dynamics

The 55th MTR Seminar " Purification of cardiomyocyte and development of its efficient transplant procedure aiming at realization of heart regenerative medicine " by Fumiyuki Hattori (PhD, Cardiology, Keio University School of Medicine; Researcher of Asubio Pharma Co., Ltd.)

"Current Status and Future Prospect of Biomedicines "
("Protein-Mall KANSAI" -5th Information Exchange Seminar-)
The latest approaches in the R&D of biomedicines such as the nucleic acid medicine, the protein medicine, and the glyco-drug will be presented in this seminar.

IPR Seminar: Cooperation in Protein Science between Asian and Pacific Countries
Organizers : Fumio Arisaka (Tokyo Inst. of Tech.), Haruki Nakamura (IPR), Yuji Goto

"Protein-Mall KANSAI" -4th Information Exchange Seminar-
An enterprise, a university, and a research organization having a strength and interest in protein-related research and development have accumulated in Kansai area around "Saito" Life Science Park and North Osaka.
"Protein-Mall KANSAI" was constructed as industry-academic-government cooperation project by making the best use of this accumulation. It holds the information exchange seminar on May 4, 2010, about the research achievements in universities and research organizations, as well as about situation of the development front in enterprises. This seminar is held as a chapter of the itemized discussion of "Current Status and Future Prospect of the Peptide Drugs (general remarks)" held in January, 2010.

The Senri Life Science Seminar; "2010 Senri Life Science International Symposium on "Future Outcome of Stem Cell Research Today"

2009-11-27 (Monday) to 11-28
IPR Seminar: Signal transduction of active oxygen

OBI Seminar; "Chemical synapses at atomic resolution: Structure and mechanism of transmitter-gated ion channels" by Dr.Eric Gouaux, Senior Scientist, Vollum Institute, Oregon Health and Science University

The Senri Life Science Seminar; "The Next Generation of Brain Research"

OBI Seminar; "Cilia dysfunction in syndromic and non-syndromic retinal degeneration" by Professor Anand Swaroop,Senior Investigator and Chief, Neurobiology-Neurodegeneration & Repair Laboratory,National Eye Institute,National Institutes of Health

Establishment of Joint Research Chair by Takeda and Osaka University Development of platform for practical application and commercialization of nano-particle vaccines

Kringle Pharma's project entitled 'Recombinant human HGF for the treatment of spinal cord injury' is accepted by Japan Science and Technology Agency, JST, as its Adaptable and Seamless Technology transfer Program, A-STEP.

Microwave Chemical Co., Ltd. (MWCC) won the third place of the venture company finalist-25-members in the world in Global Entrepreneurship Competition of the BizBarcelona-2011 held in Barcelona.

In the ranking of the world's "TOP 30 INSTITUTIONS IN IMMUNOLOGY", Osaka University was ranked No. 1.

Alpha Med Scientific, Inc. announced that it will exhibited to International Society for Stem Cell Research June 15-18, Toronto, Ontario Canada, Booth#920

Prof. Shizuo Akira of IFReC was awarded "The Canada Gairdner International Award".

Avery-Landsteiner Prize awarded to Professor Shizuo Akira, Director of IFReC.

Investigation of CollategeneTM, HGF Plasmid for Ischemic Disease Treatment designated as the Fast Track development program by the FDA

New published journal articles that report using the MED64 system. (Alpha Med Scientific, Inc.)

Semaphorins guide the entry of dendritic cells into the lymphatics by activating myosin II (Prof. Kumanogoh in Nature Immunology)(2010-3-31)

NIBIO began the provision of a human iPS cell (subdivision) to the private company.

A patent of new decoy oligonucleotides was concluded in Japan (chimera (double) decoys of NF-κB and ets)(2009-10-22)

A coordinated project for the protein, "Protein Mall Kansai", was newly established on May 8, 2009, and many Saito LSP-located enterprises have been participating as active members.(2009-8-20)

AnGes MG, Inc. announced that the project "Development of New Medical Supplies by Applying Functional Peptides with Reproduction Mechanism of Plant" (Joint R&D with Morishita Jintan Co., Ltd. and Osaka University) was adopted for METI's Grants.(2009-7-14)