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Subsidy for cutting-edge industry
Eligibility Companies that will have a new factory or R&D facility for cutting-edge enterprise approved in the field of Bio-life science, Robot, Home Information Appliance or New Energy.
Conditions The recipient receiving subsidy for investment of 10 billion yen or more must fulfill the following conditions.
- Permanent employees in Osaka Prefecture: More than 10-100 employees(10 employees per investment of 10 billion yen)
- Receiving local cities' incentive
Subsidy rate a. 5% of investment on building and capital goods.
     The following rate will be added in case of the investment amount up to 30 billion yen
    1) 5% in case of land acquisition
    2) 5% on each of the following items (Maximum 10%)
   - In the Industrial Area designated by Osaka Prefecture
   - Companies that have the head office or a plant or R&D facility in Osaka Pref.
   - Five(5) times permanent employees described in the Conditions
   (Only in case of 10 billion yen or more)
   - Businesses with minimum 100 companies in Osaka Pref.(Min. 40 companies in case of investment amount of less than 10 billion yen)
b. 50% of the building or room rent.(Up to 60 million yen)
Maximum Amount 15 billion yen for one applicable area.

*The above subsidy is applicable in Fiscal Year 2008 subject to change without pre-notice.
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