Saito (International Culture Park) is aimed at the creation of a unique metropolis in the hills of northern Osaka that leads the times possessing such distinctive functions as cultural and academic, research and development, and international exchange.
 In order to realize its goal the Saito (International Culture Park) Promotion Council was established with the participation of the Osaka Prefectural Government, the Ibaraki and Minoh municipal governments, Urban Renaissance Agency, private-sector companies, as well as economic groups, universities, research institutes, and others.  This is a joint industry-academia-government project.
 With a breath of spring, a part of western area was opened in April of 2004 with about 350 houses and about 1,000 inhabitants. National Institute of Biomedical Innovation and "Saito Bio-Incubator";Bio-technology Support Center were established and invitation activity of medical firms is continued to make a center for research and development in life sciences. In March 2007, the Saito Western Area had its grand opening following the stretch of the Osaka Monorail from "Handai-byoin-mae" to "Saito-nishi", together with the commercial facilities opening at the Saito-nishi station.  We are confident that the Saito metropolis, which is expected to offer people a diversified environment in which to work, enjoy, study and interact, will contribute to the realization of Osaka as an enegetic and attractive place to settle down.  It is our sincere hope that Saito will be appreciated and accepted by everyone and that we may count on further support and cooperation from those of you who are involved in this project.